Lander Structure

SARTI-UPC team was working on the design of the first PLOME Landers prototype

The #PLOMEproject wants to develop a marine robotic network for ecological monitoring: Platforms for Long-lasting Observation of Marine Ecosystems. 

We call Landers to the seabed fixed stations that will host different instruments and will act as a proxy between the underwater devices and the sea surface where long distance wireless communications to shore will be implemented.

During the last weeks SARTI-UPC team was working on the design of the first PLOME Landers prototype: A custom buoyancy and mechanical structure has been designed and manufactured to host sensors, communications and release systems.
During week 20/2022 first components integration is ongoing and it can be seen on the picture the already mounted Lander with final buoyancy system and first mock-up structure build on wood to validate different mechanical design constrains.
After this validation, wood structure will be replaced by metal to perform initial wet test underwater at Obsea observatory.

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