The PLOME project was presented by the SRV Group of the UIB in the EMRA2022

The past 15/06/2022 the Plome project was presented by the Systems, Robotics and Vision Group of the University of the Balearic Islands, on behalf of the whole consortium leaded by the Underwater Vision and Robotics Lab. of the University of Girona, in the EMRA-2022 workshop (WorkShop on EU Funded Marine Robotics and Applications), hosted by the National Oceanography Center in Southampton.

The workshop was designed to be hybrid, including online and in person attendants to all sessions. The objective of this talk was to show to the scientific community the general ideas, the defined funcionality, the main components, and above all, the advances on the current state of the art of this novel long-lasting sub-sea observation platform.

We also had the chance to expose the main technological and functional challenges related to the ongoing and forthcoming work. The PLOME session was well accepted by the attendees and was a good oportunity to bring face-to-face ideas and know-how among other institutions that develop technology compatible with the different components of the expecte PLOME infrastructure.