PLOME project presented in the European Marine Robotics and Applications Workshop in Arenzano (Italy)

European Marine Robotics and Applications Workshop (EMRA) is an interdisciplinary workshop where the main EU funded projects in the field of marine robotics are invited to present their latest developments. The goal of the workshop is to generate cross-fertilisation of ideas in marine robotics, enabling technologies and applications with the aim of generating new collaborations and synergies between the multiple initiatives presented.

IQUA robotics, one of the project partners, was at EMRA representing the industry and presenting the latest project results and the future plans for the experimentation to come in the next months. The application in the science field generated a lot of interest amongst the audience.

EMRA 2024 was selected as an event of the European Maritime Day In My Country 2024 that aims to raise awareness about the importance of the oceans and seas and to engage the public.

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