On the 9th of December we celebrated the virtual Kick-off meeting of the PLOME project.

For four years, the University of Girona, acting as a coordinator, together with the Universitat Politència de Catalunya, the Universitat de las Illes Balears, the Universidad Politénica de Madrid, the Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas and IQUA Robotics SL, will develop a spatially adaptive, non-invasive, modular platform of independent and wirelessly connected benthic stations and AUVs to intelligently observe, monitor and map marine ecosystems, during long-lasting periods with real-time supervision.

The project will validate the different developments and the overall concept in three proof-of-concept consortium experiments: 1) in a coastal environment; 2) in a deep marine protected area; and 3) during one-week in the OBSEA cabled observatory.

From now on, the consortium will work towards the achievement of the goals set in the proposal following the planned activities agreed in the KOM. 

We will keep you posted with all the events and forthcoming activities.